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One on One


Looking to skyrocket your success?  Zulmarie partners with individuals
and organizations to drive performance through custom-fit impactful coaching and training. Explore her offerings below.


Committed to Quality

Focuses on personal and professional development; integrates the client’s business strategy and context to the coaching approach. Leadership Development: We support employees’ leadership skills and competencies development in critical areas of communication. Team Development: We leverage our business acumen and subject matter expertise in communications and conflict resolution to facilitate groups within organizations. Empowering Women: Aims to help women overcome the barriers that get in the way of their success. Focuses on communication, negotiation and resilience.


We have designed a coaching process to support individuals in every challenge.

We are trained to ask the right questions to help define your goals. 

Situational Coaching: Whether you are dealing with a difficult business partner, a boss who doesn’t like you, a co-worker conflict, workplace harassment, fatigue, or not getting the position you want, we’ll provide an expert perspective and strategic approach to resolving the situation.

Executive Coaching: You are extremely successful as the manager of your division and have your sights set on the VP position that just opened up. ZP can give you the Executive Coaching you need to secure this top position.

Professional Development Coaching: You want a promotion or are ready for a change of direction and need help finding the best strategy? You might have started a new job that you want to secure and turn into a promotion. You need a clear vision with a sound strategy to move forward. Our expert perspective on your situation will help develop a strategic career plan for getting where you want to go. 

Job Coaching: Looking for a career change, starting your career, need to rewrite your resume, or want to shine in an interview? ZP Job Coaching provides the specific direction and guidance that will help you put your best foot forward. Our remarkable style and confident approach will make you feel in control and ready to accomplish anything.


Our coaching is driven by the SMART approach.

S - Specific. Explicit and detailed goals.

M - Measurable. Specific outcomes with results you can measure.

A - Attainable. Goals meant to stretch yourself, but still doable.

R - Relevant. Focusing on goals that have meaning for you.

T - Time-frame. Goals clearly defined with a start and an end.

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