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We have dramatically improved the business results of top leading companies who play big internationally. Our practical insight, best practice experience, and simple approach to complex issues can also guide your company into your next level of success.


We have helped clients make drastic changes to double their revenues with meaningful work, negotiate to get paid what they're worth, start their own businesses, or revamp their personal brand to create a life they love.


Approach – We listen with all our senses. We observe the context of your special situation, filter out the noise and highlight what’s important, to reach your business goals, market your product or align your team with the skills they need to succeed.

Expertise – We connect the values and trends to formulate the straightest line to take your vision to action with the right tactics to get you there faster – based on proven strategies and best practices to save you time, money, and energy.

Mindset – we bring to the table a global perspective, which is a result of the work we have done all around the world. Our consultants can assist you with anything from the day-to-day challenges, to important issues, such as addressing cross-cultural differences in your strategy.


  • Sales

    Sales training, hiring the right candidates, and coaching your sales team

  • Marketing

    Revamping your strategy, reaching emerging targets such as Hispanics, Women, Entrepreneurs, and integrating social media to the mix

  • Talent Development

    Coaching high potential employees, training teams with new skills

  • Presentation Development:

    Working with you and your team to develop presentations for important events, such as staff or company meetings. Impart Key Note Speech in events.

  • Market Research:

    Mystery shopping to measure the quality of the service, compliance with regulation, or gather specific information about products and services


Our consulting is driven by the SMART approach.

S - Specific. Explicit and detailed goals.

M - Measurable. Specific outcomes with results you can measure.

A - Attainable. Goals meant to stretch yourself, but still doable.

R - Relevant. Focusing on goals that have meaning for you.

T - Time-frame. Goals clearly defined with a start and an end.

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