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Meet ZULMARIE PADIN in 30 seconds


Zulmarie Padín, is a strategic business consultant, corporate trainer and executive coach. After more than a decade of doing this privately she wants to share her know-how to help you create the life you love.

Named the #1 “Career Expert for Hispanics” by Univision and Telemundo. Zulmarie empowers millions of Hispanics with her collaboration in TV Show Despierta America and Hoy Dia from NBC Universal. 

Her clients rave about her ability to make things happen. They say she has the vision and fastness of a Lynx!   

Experience that stems from best practices from living and working with Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and the United States.

Organizations leverage her no-no sense approach, leadership, and unbiased perspective as an important catalyst to identify and navigate the critical inflection points in their development and growth. From emerging markets to strategic planning she knows how to drive commitment and action with impact-full results.

Zulmarie is your Champion for Action

7 milestones

that make Zulmarie the go to Career Coach for Life Success:

  1. Miami's Mayoral Acclaim: In 2023, Miami Dade's Mayor, Daniela Levine Cava, spotlighted Zulmarie's pivotal leadership in championing Hispanic career and business achievements during the Latino Wallstreet Awards.

  2. Trailblazing in Academia and Business: Breaking barriers in male-dominated sectors, Zulmarie earned a faculty position at the NYU Poly School of Engineering in NYC and became a renowned speaker for ESADE, a pinnacle of European business education.

  3. A Recognized Force in Hispanic Media: Between 2018-2020, People en Español consistently honored Zulmarie's influence, bestowing upon her the title of one of the "25 Mujeres Poderosas" at their signature Poderosas Live Event.

  4. The Voice of Hispanic Households: Since 2014, her television presence as the Career & Success Coach for Univision and Telemundo NBC Universal has resonated with an astonishing 97% of Hispanic homes in America.

  5. European Entrepreneurial Excellence: Tapped by Barcelona's premier law firm, Zulmarie orchestrated a transformative $20 million tech venture, setting an entrepreneurial precedent in Europe.

  6. Champion of Latinx Success: In 2019, Zulmarie's exceptional commitment to Latinx career advancement and wage equality advocacy via Latinas Power culminated in the “Florida Woman Of Achievement Award,” an accolade uniquely bestowed upon her.

  7. Digital Pioneer at the Times: Zulmarie's tenacity shone when she became the sole Latina on the pioneering 20-member team that took "The New York Times" digital. Despite her imperfect English, she forged a remarkable career at the world's most-read newspaper in the world.

Zulmarie's Mix To Help You succeed:


📺 TV Career Expert

💪🏻 Activate your Power

💥 Accelerate your success

✈ Travel: Wellness Retreats 

💰Turn your Wisdom to Wealth

📿 Leadership Mindfulness 

👠 Latinas Power Founder



A “Career” was traditionally associated with paid employment and referred to a single occupation.

In her own words "Not anymore! In today’s world, a career is an action verb of quick learning that requires continuous adjustment and development. And if you don't get the big picture of what drives the company you work for, your boss, or your client - you're doomed to fail! I help my clients see beyond what meets the eye and formulate a sound strategy not based on what's going on now - but on what is to come." ~ Zulmarie Padin

She wants to share with everyone the process that skyrocketed her career without ever sending a resume and sustained her business without spending a dime in marketing.

The kind of Know-How you'll not find in a textbook or Google but is the one you need to guarantee that at every stage of your career you acquire the new skills, types of people in your network, and strategies that you need for that next level you are trying to reach.

If you are an Entrepreneur or Self-employed professional the same applies. We start a business to have more freedom, more meaningful work, and more money. But without a strategy based on REAL-TIME - you will enter a roller coaster of exhaustion that will leave you without money and sacrifice what matters most - your family, health, and joy.

The good news is, you don't need to struggle as she did. You can also create get the happiness you deserve, create a life you love, make more money and feel happier and fulfilled.

Activate your Power

Now you can take advantage of Zulmarie’s proprietary laser coaching technology and change in seconds what has taken people years to accomplish. Start now! let her be your champion for success. Access her career and business advice via her online coaching, workshops, social media channels, and – soon – in her new Podcast "Activate Your Power®"



The job that changed her life



Zulmarie's relentless mission is to accelerate women's success



Committed to women’s leadership and distressed by the lack thereof in 2000 she created the first leadership program in Spain designed for women - by a woman. Integrating her unique holistic approach with neuro-linguistic programming.


She has empowered thousands of professional and entrepreneur women worldwide with her coaching and leadership workshops designed to help women manage and grow their careers and companies.


Zulmarie founded Latinas Power® a groundbreaking movement that advocates for #LatinaEqualPay whose mission is to accelerate the success of one million Latinas in the United States. Latinas Power® es la red líder de mujeres latinas profesionales, una comunidad donde apoyarte para aprender y crecer.

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